When you seek a medical professional, the first things you do are:
     1. Network through your own employees and contacts
     2. Attempt to obtain resumes off the internet
     3. Utilize media advertising

These methods only give you unemployed candidates or those actively seeking a change who may not have the appropriate skill sets you require. After a mutual discussion and understanding of the kind of person you seek, we’ll initiate an active search. Armed with your specifications and budget requirements, we’ll find the people you need with the skills you require at the salary you wish to pay them. There is no cost or obligation to you for reviewing resumes or interviewing the potential candidates we present.

You pay a one-time placement fee only if the candidate we exclusively present is hired.

Our fees are extremely competitive. We’ll even guarantee our candidate for a
limited time, and if things don’t work out, we’ll find you someone else at no additional charge.